British Columbia


  1. Archdiocese of Edmonton
  2. Diocese of Calgary
    • Una Voce Calgary Society a chapter of Una Voce Canada [site] [Mail] [Masses]
  3. Diocese of St. Paul  [mail] [Masses]


  1. Diocese of Saskatoon


  1. Archdiocese of Winnipeg


  1. Archdiocese of Toronto
    • The Toronto Traditional Mass Society a chapter of UVC [site] [mail] [Masses]
  2. Diocese of Hamilton
  3. Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie
  4. Diocese of Pembroke
    • Madre Redencion Foundation [site] [mail] [Masses]


  1. Archdiocese of Saint John’s
    • Oliver Plunkett Chapter Una Voce St. John’s a chapter of UVC [site] [mail] [Masses]

New Brunswick

  1. Archdiocese of Moncton
    • Moncton Traditional Latin Mass Society [site] [mail]
  2. Diocese of St. John
    • Saint John Latin Mass Society a chapter of Una Voce Canada [Mail

Nova Scotia

  1. Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth
    • Halifax-Yarmouth Latin Mass Society (Yarmouth Branch) [site] [mail]